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Manufacturers Represented & Distribution Partners


Alpha & Omega is a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors, including a wide portfolio of high/mid/low Power MOSFET, IGBT, IPM, TVS, HVIC, GaN/SiC, Power IC and Digital Power products. AOS’ portfolio of products targets high-volume applications, including portable computers, flat panel TVs, LED lighting, smart phones, battery packs, consumer and industrial motor controls and power supplies for TVs, computers, servers and telecommunications equipment.

AnDAPT is a fabless power semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, and markets On-Demand Power Management Solutions. The solution includes the Adaptive Multi-Rail Power (AmP™) platform IC family, WebAmP cloud-based software tools, and proven AmP Power Components. Users can select and integrate application targeted, power components on an AmP Platform. These software-based power components replace traditional expensive catalog parts.

Distribution Partners:


Elec & Eltek Magnetic Products Limited (EEMPL) was established in 1993, initially producing power magnetic transformers. After an extensive development period, EEMPL expanded its product line to include data magnetics and Inductors. Today EEMPL produces a large and comprehensive range of high quality magnetic components encompassing Magnetics Integrated Connector, Data and Telecommunication Transformers, Power Magnetic Products, Noise Filters, etc. EEMPL products are widely specified for use in applications including Networks (LAN/WAN),Telecommunications, Broadband Access, Automotive and other industrial areas.

Fujitsu Optical Components Group  Fujitsu makes 100G, 200G, & 400G systems.  Specializing in 400G ZR for 80 Km Applications, they are a leader in Carrier class applications.

Huber+Suhner is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity in communications, industrial and transportation markets. Primary products include RF & Fiber connectors, cables, antennas and Datacenter fiber management.

Distribution Partners for General Industrial, Test & Measurement, Defense & Aerospace

MEMSIC is a leading global supplier of Sensors, including Magnetometers, Thermal Accelerometers, Capacitive Accelerometers, and Hall Sensors. MEMSIC has the smallest and most cost effective Monolithic Capacitive sensor on the market.

Distribution Partners:

Qorvo is the merger of RFMD's and TriQuint's technologies. Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO) designs, develops and manufactures advanced high-performance RF solutions with Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Gallium Nitride (GaN), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technologies for customers worldwide. Qorvo serves customers in diverse markets including mobile devices, 3G and 4G cellular base station, WLAN, Optical, GPS, and defense and aerospace markets.

Distribution Partners:

SiTime Corporation offers innovative solutions that address the world’s most difficult timing problems.  Leading the timing revolution with innovative MEMS technology and analog expertise, SiTime offers products that include the world’s smallest 32kHz solution for IoT/Wearable customers and dynamically stable IEEE1588 100 ppb TCXOs  tailored for Networking and Telecom customers.  By offering a complete portfolio of oscillators that include standard footprint options for: XO’s, TCXO’s, VCXO’s, and AEC-Q100 XO’s, SiTime enables engineers and designers to simplify their designs and deliver elegant solutions.

Distribution Partners:

SkyHigh Memory Ltd a Joint Venture between SK Hynix System IC & Cypress Semiconductor, manufactures Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash  and e.MMC Memory products targeted specifically for data storage in Automotive Instrument Clusters & Infotainment Systems, Communication Equipment, Consumer Electronics and Industrial Automation. SkyHigh’s high performance and high reliability SLC NAND portfolio includes two standard product families supporting 1-bit and 4-bit ECC options available in 1Gb to 16Gb densities with operating temperatures up to +105°C, industry standard packages to fit in small form factors and meet stringent quality.

Distribution Partners:

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